Thursday, 3 September 2009

carefree country day

So - I'm on a train again. Quelle surprise. I spend 20 hours a week getting to and from work. That's the equivalent to another part-time job.

Just left West Brompton and now passing a melange of car parks, churches and new flats.

Listening to Georgie Fame, Tim Buckley and Buffalo Springfield.

So - finished Studio 60. It has Sorkin's charm, but far too much crammed in to the final episodes. Massive relationship turmoil, critical illness, birth, adoption, hostages in Afghanistan, snakes on the loose, racism... way too much. I like some of the characters, but maybe not enough. I need more, but I also don't. It will always be cursed by comparisons to the West Wing, but unfortunately it just doesn't match up. Now that Aaron Sorkin has dissecting the instutions he knows best: politics and television - what's next?

Should I get an iPhone?

Just zoomed past some perculiar metal sculptures. Must be in White City area.

Nell is teething - shoving her whole fist in her mouth. Veers from screaming miserable to giggly and content.

Her majesty is a pretty nice girl, but doesn't have a lot to say.
She's like a rainbow.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

eat 'em up

On a train. Parked at Haywards Heath station. Listening to Richard Thompson singing '...oops i did it again'.

Will be working late tonight, supervising a documentary film-making class. Did mean I got an extra hour or so with Nell this morning.

Sarah and I are embarking on 'Studio 60 At The Sunset Strip'. It is very much West Wing-lite with Josh Lyman playing Josh Lyman, Chandler Bing taking on Sam Seaborne and Amanda Peet as a sexier CJ. I like Sorkin's cutaways of such colossal American structures, and television seems an appropriate follow-on from the White House. It is as sharp, sassy, and as full of liberal guilt as you would expect. About 5/22 episodes in and liking most of it.

Reading some plays by Michael Hastings. I'll let you know how I get on.

Friday, 14 August 2009

open sesame

Good evening -

This is probably my eighteenth attempted blog that I probably won't maintain and almost certainly nobody will read. Still, sometimes routine is comfort.

It was my 26th birthday yesterday - I am sure this is significant. It was largely a horrible day. I seemed to be caught up in an ugly set of confrontations with a professional associate; it was hot and sticky but not really sunny; I felt like a social lemon on more than occasion and I ate too much cake. Still, breakfast in bed (croissants and muesli) was lovely, as was the overall reality of having my first birthday as a dad.

Nell (now just shy of ten weeks old) even managed to buy me series one of The Wire on DVD as a present. She's a precocious little thing. They give credit cards to anyone.